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nyc... [Jun. 24th, 2005|11:48 am]
I went to orientation yesterday at John Jay. I am in love with that college!! I can't believe that I'll be taking classes there in just two months!! Surreal...I'm so glad it's easy to get to, and it's in a beautiful part of the city...two blocks from both Central Park and Lincoln Plaza. I'm gonna enjoy taking those two hour breaks on beautiful days.

So I met up with Shannon and I met her boyfriend Paul...who is straight off the boat Irish and very nice. We walked around for a bit, had some drinks at an Irish pub, then Shannon and I tried to win tickets to see Wicked. Didn't happen...there was like 250 people there trying to win just 25 tickets. LOL...so instead I went and saw The Light in the Piazza...OMG!! What a show! The music was beautiful and the story was so pretty...Kelli O'Hara has one of the best voices I have ever heard, and so does Victoria Clark...and Matt Morrison...sigh....so CUTE!! And he can sing an Italian aira anyday of the week to me!! LOL...and I met all of them because I have become a stage door groupie lol (not really...but you know...) And I got my picture taken with Matt and I cannot wait to get it developed tonight after Dayna's baby shower.

Well I must get going because I have a ton of stuff to do and tomorrow is my birthday and that really has nothing to do with anything, but it always feels good to say that...

Ahhh...I'm gonna be 22....

From: hollster_713
2005-06-26 04:33 pm (UTC)
Happy bday Hewish! I was so at a gay club when you called last night so I didnt hear much but I was so happy to hear your voice! Its so the time of Cancers, hope you had fun last night!
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