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birthday memories [Jun. 27th, 2005|09:57 pm]

Okay now before I start to lament on my birthday, everyone should go here and check out birthday pics and pics from The Light in the Piazza because Matt Morrison is hot.  Okay... enough about that said...

So Friday night me and Sheri went to Bailey's after Dayna's baby shower.  Bernadette and Jenny were there so we started downing pitchers of Miller Lite and counting down the minutes to midnight when I would *officially* turn 22.  My sister then showed up and started drinking like a fish, which was funny because she kept telling me that she was not going to drink AT ALL.  But it's Erika...so midnight rolls around and Bern and I have a midnight shot (Jager of course) and we dance.  Sheri and I then leave to go to Manny Brown's to see Jeff who was there with a friend from his other job.

Right before we left Bailey's however, a guy started hitting on me...and me in all my drunken birthday glory yell at him, YOU CANNOT HIT ON ME BECAUSE YOUR NAME IS PAUL!  His name was Paul and that was all I needed to know...

So Saturday DAY I had to work, and it sucked hardcore because we weren't busy at all because it has been beautiful all week.  I made 10 bucks...so I took that money and went shopping for a killer outfit for the night.  And anyone who knows me, knows that I can make 10 bucks by an AMAZING outfit because I am cheap (or I would rather say frugal).

Connie and I went to Friday's to eat...then we hit up Whiskey Tango where we met up with Katie, John, Tista, Chrissie, and Sonny.  My friends did an excellent job in getting me drunk...so much so I became OUTGOING and made the singer of the band by me a shot!  So we did our shots, and I told him he should invite me onstage...not thinking that he would...so the band starts playing again and all and my friends and I are dancing, when all of a sudden they start playing the opening chords to Sublime's "Santeria"...which is like my favorite song of ALL time (8th grade memories...you all wouldn't understand lol).  I look at Katie and scream, "I NEED TO GO UP THERE FOR THIS SONG" and she's like okay...and at that moment, the lead singer who I had taken the shot with was like "Andrea needs to get up here because it's her birthday!!"...it cracked me up lol...so I ran up there and just like attacked the lead singer and he let me sing with him...he must have been pretty wasted to let me get on a mic HAHA.  I was laughing so much though I couldn't even sing most of the words...WATCH OUT BROADWAY!! Now that my fear of singing in front of people has been conquered with alcohol...there is NO stopping me!

It was a great night!!  I drunk phone called Holly because Billy Vera's "At This Moment" came on the radio and it made me think of her.  And supposedly I also drunk dialed Clay because I got a message from him this afternoon telling me that I did.  HAHA good times.

So yes, my birthday was fun...great friends is all a girl like me could ask for, and great friends are what I have...