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[Jul. 22nd, 2005|07:24 pm]

Remember when I said I sang with the band on my birthday...those fuckers have a picture of me on their website!!! HOW KICKASS IS THAT?  Of course I look horrible, but I'm over it....so for your viewing pleasure....


Hahaha...I love it.  Me and Shaun make a great duet....LMAO!!  GOOD TIMES.

Speaking of good times, good LORD last night was crazy as hell.  Went to Katmandu with a bunch of people (what's that, you want specifics...ok...me, Erika, John, Bern, Des, Eggy, Bill, Dan, and then I met up with Melissa, Jess, and Melinda).  Drank our faces off and had a great time, the band was good, but it was so freaking hot outside and the damn Trenton River doesn't cool you down worth shit (inside joke...I know it's the Delaware...John, however, does not).  As we are leaving the club we decide to go to Atlantic City at 2 in the morning!!!!!!  So, Erika, John, and I go...and get there at 4....we gamble for like 3 hours, then go out on the beach and sleep.  It was so great....so chill and fun.  Some highlights:

Rocking out hardcore (and I mean HARDCORE) to lostprophets

Tank attacking John in the front yard

John calling Tank many names...some of which include Bruce, Lance, Troy, and Trojan

Me making John a PB &J sandwich and John wearing most of the jelly

John telling the pit boss his life story and pissing him off a bunch