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Labels are for cans...not people

25 June
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Okay, so a little about me...

Age: 22
Location: Levittown, PA (a little hellhole right outside of Philadelphia)
Job: Bartender
Family: Son, Tyler
School: Sophomore at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, I major in Forensic Psychology and minor in Social Behavior and Deviance.
Obsessions: Law and Order, Broadway in general and all the fabulous shows, actors, and actresses that come along with it, OHH and Chris Noth (Mike Logan CN, not Mr. Big CN)...
UNHEALTHY Obessions: Red Bull (with or without Jager), Law and Order, Matt Morrison's hair!, Norbert Leo Butz, the soundtrack to the Last 5 Years (I have played it so much the CD doesn't work anymore...who does that?!)
Things I can't stand: Guys who wear pink shirts, people who tell me how to make a really simple drink, people who walk obnoxiously slow, people who think I don't matter...

Danny Taylor's Hands Are Love.

Law and Order: SVU Is Lawful Love

Danny Taylor Is Love.

80s parties are love.

By herekittykitty